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About Us


Sometimes treats need a little extra love. SugarBae can help. SugarBae is a home-based business located in Northridge, CA and we customize treats for any and every occasion.


Whether you’re celebrating a milestone or wooing someone you care about, SugarBae takes everyday treats and makes them a little more personal. We don’t just believe in customizing desserts; we believe in customizing experiences. From the texture and taste to the presentation and design, SugarBae makes every bite and moment a new, sweet sensation.


Our devotion to quality led us to develop the perfect recipe for each treat – high-quality ingredients, love you can see & taste, and a passion for making people happy. We believe in baking delicious treats that make every day sweeter. If you’re looking for a simple treat or you’ve been searching for elaborate designs, we want to make custom treat shopping easy, effortless, and tasty.


At SugarBae, we make every treat about You.

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